Happy Electric Motoring

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Happy Elecric Motoring, Y’all And let me recommend https://www.model3.info/de/, a SUPERB and beautiful page about the Tesla Model 3. You really don’t need any other resource if you are looking for specs, pix etc.  

digital kicks

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I can make 3D objects from real life things now Pretty sweet texture quality, too. Also, one can put new colors on the 3D model quite easily…

the fast learner

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finished the boat and poured some cava over it, to give the baby a name. this thing is really light and fast. and i finally get to use the lazer paddle. bam.


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Some time ago I needed a new chainwheel for my bike. So, why not make one myself? And style it, so it fits to the disk brake disks? Yepp, easy task. Simply CAD it and send it over to your local waterjet-mailorder. By today I have two of these knives on my bike.


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Here’ some pretty plant pictures, for pure enjoyment. Inspirational, if you can see what I mean, looking at the pictures. To me, it feels like some of these structures could be useful one day. Let’s see for which challenge we can use this in the future, as an elegant and efficient solution.

wooden bike parts

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A sweet ride for town I customized this bike for town, since my old one broke down. Cheap parts are no good for something that needs to be reliable, so I only used heavy (and shiny!) steel parts. Only an easy-to-mantain front break, no further wires please. There is a SRAM Automatix (back pedalling break) hub built into the back wheel, but without the sticker hardly anybody will notice my 2 gears. Perfect for town, trust me. The wooden parts were custom made at the DINGFABRIK Cologe. Plain wood plus epoxy. If you are using enough sawdust/epoxy between the two layers of the mudguards, they turn out to be extremely … Continue reading

soap bubble mechanics

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Problembeschreibung Die Stützstruktur zum Halten und Ausrichten der Spiegelfacetten ist ein grosser Kostenfaktor eines Heliostaten. Daher ist die Herstellung eines materialsparenden Tragwerkes als Stützstruktur für Spiegelfacetten ein wichtiger Ansatz zur Kostensenkung. Die herkömmlichen Stützstrukturen von Heliostaten scheinen ausgereizt, wenn nicht zu Lasten der Qualität am Stahl gespart werden soll. Es müssen also andere Ansätze her. Der ASM-150 von SBP hat gezeigt, dass sich durchaus ein Heliostat mit hervorragenden optischen Eigenschaften und weniger Material herstellen lässt. Aber was kann man tun, wenn man, neben den Motoren zum Antrieb des Heliostaten, möglichst keine bewegliche Teile wie Pumpen oder Ventilatoren in die Wüste stellen möchte? Lässt sich nicht auch die Membran durch ein … Continue reading

lazer paddle

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Some time ago, we had a laser cutter on a visit at the DINGFABRIK. What a sweet tool! (luckily, we’ll soon have our own Lazzer at the D!F) That time around I built my first single blade paddle. Thanks to the laser, I was able to create a nice pattern, which is based on the fibonacchi numbers. That’s why the look is somewhat balanced and has this ‘natural aesthetic’ to it. The paddle was my first shot though, and I have a few ideas in my head how to make the next one much better. Still, it has quite some force when you use it on the water. Not bad … Continue reading


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Here’s a few solar thermal power plant impression I was lucky enough to gather so far. Of course, the really interesting stuff – I can’t show here ;)